JB Worldwide – Shenzhen Recap

The Jumbleberry team recently returned home from our first meetup in China and based on the feedback received, we can proudly say it was a resounding success!
In an industry where most business is conducted over instant messaging platforms, we place great value in face-to-face meetings. Our industry evolves at a rapid pace, but some things, like getting quality 1-on-1 time with a client, never go out of style. With China as one of the fastest growing markets for affiliate marketing, it was a must-visit stop on the JB Worldwide Tour.

When we set out to organize this event there were 2 goals we wanted to achieve: first, we wanted to host an event that would bring some of our biggest clients together to create the opportunity for them to network amongst themselves. Second, we wanted to share the biggest trends we see for 2019 and the best ways to make money with Nutra and E-comm. For those of you who couldn’t attend, we’d like to share 5 key takeaways:

Jumbleberry = Deal Makers

We believe an affiliate network should play a similar role to a real estate deal maker. Real estate deal makers have in-depth knowledge of local markets and scour the landscape looking for the next big opportunity. Real estate deal makers match undeveloped land opportunities with developers and financial investors. As an affiliate network, we look at all the available traffic and verticals and determine the biggest opportunities for our affiliates. That deal making ability is at the core of what we do as a network.

What do the upcoming MasterCard trial rules mean for your business?

On April 12th MasterCard will be unveiling new rule changes that make it easier for consumers to understand all the potential charges when they sign up to a free trial offer. Many people in our industry are speculating as to how the new rules will affect business. The fact is, no one really knows for sure what’s going to happen. If you look at the long-term trend in our industry, change is the norm and every year we are faced with new challenges. This latest change is nothing new, as even last year we dealt with similar challenges brought on by merchant account audits. In times of uncertainty, like the ones we’re facing now, you need Jumbleberry on your side. We have a track record of driving adaptation and for being part of the solution. If there’s anyone that can help you overcome the challenges that change brings to your business, it’s Jumbleberry.

Emerging Geos with high ROI potential

We believe the opportunities to make money in 2019 are endless! There is so much traffic in the world and, you, savvy product marketers with something to sell, if you find the right angles, you can make money in any market. Self-improvement is a universal, cross-cultural desire that’s relevant all around the world. With so many economies growing and emerging, along with internet adoption, there are countless new markets with massive consumer demand. Therefore, we believe international catch-all straight sale offers provide the biggest revenue opportunity for Nutra in 2019. Sometimes you need to put things in perspective to understand what the right course of action is. If you plan on promoting offers internationally then take the time to learn what angles the top marketers are using locally.

How can Jumbleberry help with your E-comm campaigns?

Building out high performing E-comm campaigns is not an easy task. Below are the solutions Jumbleberry has come up with that have helped our affiliates capitalize on the opportunity:

  • Original Content: Advertisers understand this is a hurdle for media buyers, as their core competency is focused on buying paid traffic. Copy writing is a skillset unto itself and that’s why we provide all of our partners with media kits that include ads, banners, and pre-sell landers.
  • Quality Products: Providing consumers with value is top priority for our advertisers. Many years and a lot of money is put into research and development to ensure that the best products are delivered to customers. We place a high degree of importance on the value of the product.
  • Scalability: Processing power for E-comm advertisers is one of the biggest advantages to running this vertical. Most E-comm advertisers have unlimited cap and processing capabilities.

CPA marketing is heading into the mainstream

One of our most successful launches involved a brand that was already well established in retail stores. They wanted to expand into online sales but were only working with traditional agencies. We saw an opportunity to help them capture more market share using a CPA model through our network of established media buyers:

  • Challenge: Increase the AOV (Average Order Value) and upsell rate from $62.00 and 25% respectively.
  • Strategy: We set out to combine our original content such as creatives, landers, ads, with the abilities of our top media buyers to run a targeted Facebook campaign. We required access to run on the advertisers Facebook Ads Manager account in order to ensure longevity of the campaign – and were able to run a Look a Like audience campaign to lower CPC’s.
  • Result: In as little as 3 weeks, we were able to increase the AOV to $77 and upsell rate to 50%. This was achieved by internal conversion rate optimizations and rigorous testing. We’ve grown this campaign to a point where it is consistently doing over $30,000/day in revenue.

That’s a Wrap!
With the overwhelming demand to attend and enthusiasm surrounding the knowledge we shared at the event, we are already planning a return trip to China, this time to visit Guangzhou. We believe there are many opportunities for growth within the Chinese online marketing community and that Jumbleberry is the ideal long-term partner to drive that growth.
We would like to thank everyone for the hospitality we were shown and wish everyone a prosperous year in business!

See you again soon China,

Fred Jean-Bart