Tracking & Attribution limitations got you down? We feel you.

It’s time to stop stressing, because we have the answer to all your reporting and analysis woes. Today, we are launching a new self service data discovery feature that will enable you to unlock performance and demographic insights, and provide you access to most of the data that was lost in the depreciation of Facebook Analytics.

We’re thrilled to introduce the next big feature of the Jumbleberry Platform: INSIGHTS.


Simply put, Insights is an information overlay for your traffic stream.

In a few simple clicks, Advertisers and Affiliates can now build customized audiences based on customer attributes and 1st party data. Audiences can then be leveraged to better understand customer behaviour and quickly identify traffic stream differences and opportunities, enabling you to slice and dice your data in whatever way you’d like.

For example, Advertisers can build audience reports and crowd baselines to determine:

  • Which channels or markets are the highest performing and most profitable
  • Affiliate performance by AOV & Engagement
  • The best-converting funnels for every segment, including country, channel, browser, platform, device type, & more!

For Affiliates, INSIGHTS can be used to generate audience reports for:

  • Top performing funnels for each country, platform, channel, browser, device type, C-values & more!
  • Identifying under-performing markets and ad-sets
  • Selecting new campaign opportunities based on engagement rates
  • Compare & contrast user behaviour broken down by events for time on page, scroll depth, time elapsed & continue rate for all leads generated

See how it works here:

Stay tuned for a ton more features dropping soon.

Your partner in profit,

The Jumbleberry Team