Making It Real. Why Jumbleberry Worldwide Matters.

You are an internet marketer, just like all of us here at Jumbleberry. Collectively, we’re part of a new breed of “digital nomads” who make a living doing, well, internet stuff. All over the world we rise and grind every day to keep the internet “free” for all the normies.

For people in the know about digital marketing, particularly affiliate marketing, Jumbleberry is an affiliate network. As an affiliate network, we aggregate both sides of a two-sided market: the advertisers with products and services they wish to sell, and the marketers and media buyers who place ads for said products. Our objective is to play matchmaker: to find the best performing campaigns and match them with the affiliates with the best chance driving a lot of traffic and sales. This is what an affiliate network is, but is that all it can or should be? What if a network believed there was a broader purpose for its existence and that this ‘network’ could be brought to life in the real world, all over the world, by bringing people together?

How many of us have had the experience and made the joke that we only see each other at tradeshows even though we work in the same city?

How many of us have had the experience and made the joke that we only see each other at tradeshows even though we work in the same city? I personally see people all the time from the Toronto affiliate marketing community in places like Barcelona, New York, Bangkok, Berlin, London… but too rarely actually in Toronto. I’m sure I am not alone in this experience.

It’s silly. That’s why Jumbleberry Worldwide was born.

We believe there is an opportunity to play our role as a network out there in the real world. And that is the purpose of Jumbleberry Worldwide: to bring members of the digital marketing community in a particular city (or country) together, professionally and socially, to get to know each other, share ideas, and create and capture business opportunities. If it can happen in our own backyard of Toronto, then it’s likely happening in cities all over the globe, from Kiev to Tel Aviv, San Diego to Salt Lake City, New York to London. There are untapped and uncultivated human networks that exist in those places, and groups of people who would benefit from knowing of and meeting one another.

Team Jumbleberry at Shenzhen

Team Jumbleberry at Shenzhen, one of the stops on the JB Worldwide tour.

Jumbleberry has clients all over the world, and we appreciate and value all of them (maybe you are one!). And we hope that we see you soon! But the primary goal of Jumbleberry Worldwide is not for us to come and see you (sorry), it’s for us to set up a shop in your backyard and do what we do best: bring people together. Strengthening the real, physical communities where people live and work is just good business, and it’s central to our community-first value driver. Like a farmer who takes care of their soil so the plants grow strong and bountiful, we place a high priority on taking care of and fertilizing the communities where digital marketers live.

We would love to meet new faces, grow our community, collaborate and share ideas.

If you have a suggestion for a stop on our schedule, please let us know. To get in touch email us at: