Introducing Our New Campaign Discovery Platform!

For over a decade, Jumbleberry had a history of being a private and exclusive network — shying away from marketing while turning down any potential clients who couldn't secure a referral from one of our existing ones. And it wasn’t because we were elitist snobs. The real problem was that we couldn't maintain our stringent quality standards if we scaled too quickly. Simply because the tools and platforms available at the time weren't equipped to solve quality-related problems effectively. So we said, “Hey, why not just build our own?” — and that’s where it started.

Over the past years, we added countless backend features to our platform which furthered our goal of improving quality with growth. And thanks to that, we no longer have to compromise between the two. By making campaigns freely discoverable on the Jumbleberry platform, we finally freed ourselves from our historical limitations.

When we decided to move from a private to a public campaign model, we were excited to see how other platforms managed their inventory. But what we found was terribly disappointing. It was nothing but endless lists of lifeless and uninspired products, a complete lack of qualifying information, and no compelling reason to ever choose one campaign over the others. I mean sure, they were public, but they were also very unapproachable… and frankly, very boring. We needed to completely re-work the idea of campaign discovery from the ground up.

We understand how hard the process of finding high-quality campaigns can be. Prospecting, qualifying, delivering, optimizing and scaling— these initiatives all take time. Not to mention, the pool of potential opportunities dips each time you move further along the funnel. Thankfully, we have an in-house arsenal of specialized tools and processes to help you combat these issues and allow us to continuously deliver relevant and profitable campaigns. Thus, it made perfect sense to refine these capabilities further and open them up to our Affiliates for the first time.

After extensive internal and external exploration, we settled on what we believe to be the three biggest hurdles that Affiliates face when finding new campaigns:

  1. Metrics and Transparency
  2. Contextual Recommendations
  3. Simple Application

1. Metrics and Transparency

Accessing information about the performance of a campaign can be difficult, but we believe that better data makes better media buyers. We are excited to let you know that all of our campaigns now display live metrics such as Earnings Per Click (EPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Available Cap (AC), and more. To kick it up a notch, we even let you know which campaigns are in high demand, so you know where you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You can also filter and refine campaigns based on any of these metrics and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Recommended Campaigns

On the homepage of our Affiliate Portal, you can now see a customised list of campaigns, matched precisely to you. Furthermore, we built our own Machine Learning Recommendation Engine that pulls in every piece of data collected on our network. With this, we can dive deep below the surface and rank campaigns based on their likelihood of success with your current traffic. Pretty neat, huh? It also identifies and learns from Affiliates most similar to you - helping eliminate the guesswork in campaign discovery so we deliver you nothing but winners!

3. Simple Application

Since all of our campaigns are now publicly available, we needed a way to make it simple and quick for Affiliates to apply for a campaign of interest and begin running traffic immediately. Which is why our new 2-Click application is directly accessible from any Campaign Details page. We simply collect a few small pieces of information and immediately forward the application to the assigned affiliate manager who can quickly review and approve the opportunity. We then use the information we’ve collected to proactively monitor the health of campaigns and ensure you're always in the loop.

Campaign Discovery is the first of many new features we will be rolling out over the next couple of months to make your job easier and help support the profitability of your campaigns. We are really excited to grow with you and welcome any and all feedback you may have, to ensure the technology we're building is providing value to your business.

If you haven't had a chance to experience our new platform yet, log in to try new features.