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Carousel is a team of Performance Marketers that help inventive consumer brands with high volume customer acquisition on a performance model. Our vision is simple, we want to enable media buyers to do what they do best – architect and scale paid media campaigns, and we will handle the rest.

Brand Spotlight. Wellpath.

Brand Spotlight. Wellpath. Supplements dominate the wellness scene these days, but many of them are filled with harsh, synthetic ingredients that can harm the body, such as hydrogenated oils and artificial colours. Gross, right? 🤢 That's why we were psyched to

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Brand Spotlight. Mightier.

Brand Spotlight. Mightier. It's hard for kids to regulate their emotions. Heck, many adults even struggle to keep their cool. Self-regulation is definitely an essential skill, though, so we need to learn to work through tough feelings. 👪 That's why we're

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Brand Spotlight. Immuneti.

Brand Spotlight. Immuneti. Nutritional products promising powerful results have been around for decades, but Immuneti is different. This research-backed 🔬 product simplifies supplement regimens with an innovative five-in-one formula. Each capsule contains a wellness-boosting blend of natural ingredients, including garlic bulb,

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ONNIT 6. Brand Spotlights.

ONNIT 6. Let's Get Physical…indoors! 🏋️‍♂️🏡 With gyms, spin classes, yoga studios and all-purpose fitness centers closed, at-home workouts are the go-to option to stay fit and healthy. The challenge: how do you achieve the same results with access to

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