Brand Spotlight. Perfect Keto.

Hello, health-minded friends! We live in a world where you can have pizza, french fries, or tacos at your front door in an hour. 🍕 🍟🌮 And let's be honest, many of us have been taking advantage of that luxury lately. 🙄 If you've been indulging in a crazy amount of junk food as the pandemic progresses, you can get back on track with Perfect Keto.

Perfect Keto doesn't just want to transform your diet; the team wants you to understand why you're making lifestyle changes. The founder believes you should eat healthy foods because they're good for your body, not because you're following some fad diet. Genius, right? 🏆

What if snacks could be convenient and contain clean ingredients?

What if snacks could be convenient and contain clean ingredients? That's the question Perfect Keto hit us with when we chatted.

The company makes nutrition fun, easy, and delicious. 🙂 With a large selection of travel-friendly snacks, you can stick to your keto diet no matter where life takes you — no more sipping water to silence your rumbling stomach while your friends devour meals in front of you. ☝️

We could all use some better nutrition in our lives, right? That's why we're excited to share more about Perfect Keto's vision and products with you!

Brand name: Perfect Keto

Year founded: 2016

What's your vision and mission?


We want to help people take control of their health by providing the best education and products for the ketogenic diet. The world is a better place when people feel great physically, but to achieve that, you must eat real food.

Most people don't know how much nutrition matters, but they want to lose weight or have more energy. They see the ketogenic diet as a way to reach their goals, so we educate them and provide products that make this journey effortless.


To make the world a better place by helping people achieve optimal health.

Give us a quick rundown of your products and services.

We make keto easy and convenient with food, supplements and straightforward education.

Why was Perfect Keto started?

Founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin, Perfect Keto had one purpose: to help people take control of their own health using a ketogenic diet.

Dr. Gustin's goal was to create a company that educates 📚 people on how specific
foods and ingredients impact their bodies. He wants individuals to choose healthy foods because they understand nutrition, not just because they're following a certain diet.

... a no-nonsense approach to health with a clean and versatile product range and a library of science-backed research

It is with this mission that Perfect Keto operates. It is embodied in every product
we create and every piece of content we produce. It is a vision that every team
member shares and works tirelessly towards.We offer a no-nonsense approach to health with a clean and versatile product range and a library of science-backed research. Our resources help people make educated decisions to
support their nutritional goals.

What makes your product unique?

Most supplements and food products aren't keto-friendly, even those labeled as keto or low carb. They contain carbs and unhealthy ingredients, including additives and fillers, that spike blood sugar.

Companies use fillers to make doses seem larger, but these ingredients don't provide any nutritional value. In fact, they can kick you out of ketosis!

You'll find zero carbs, binders, or fillers in our products — just real ingredients that fuel your body and taste amazing. 💪

Shout out your achievements here.

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base won Best Paleo Supplement (Non-Protein) in 2018.

Keto Answers Podcast won the 2020 Top 5 Keto Podcast.

Share a fun fact about your brand.

We have shipped Perfect Keto products to 165 different countries. 🌎 We have customers on every continent except Antarctica!

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