Let's Get Physical…indoors! 🏋️‍♂️🏡

With gyms, spin classes, yoga studios and all-purpose fitness centers closed, at-home workouts are the go-to option to stay fit and healthy.

The challenge: how do you achieve the same results with access to less equipment, less space or an instructor from a class? 🤷

Anecdotally, consumers could use the current pandemic as a crutch to sit back, overeat, binge on Netflix, and try and convince themselves they will get back into their fitness regiments once things go back to 'normal' – but the data shows otherwise. Home workouts are a big thing. Like really big.

Data source: Google Trends (www.google.com/trends)

Historically, the supply of at-home workout products has been limited, to say the least. And if we're honest, many are gimmicks, marketed by C-D list actors, that you may do once or twice, then give up on because they are boring or aren’t materializing into any real health benefits. 🤥

"Consumers won't be rushing back to big-box gyms in fear of contracting the disease..."

With that said, now that people have been forced into isolation, companies like ONNIT are developing programs that debunk these past stereotypes. They are creating valuable catalogues of content, with credible instructors across all disciplines of fitness. Even in a post-COVID world, one could argue that these programs will remain popular, as consumers won't be rushing back to big-box gyms in fear of contracting the disease, or simply because the utility of these programs could be providing equal or better fitness results, at a fraction of the price. 💲💲💲

Data source: SEMrush (www.semrush.com)

As evidenced in the data sets above, home workouts have seen a massive spike 📈 in search traffic worldwide. Additionally, most physical workout equipment has sold out amongst the big retailers, and consumers are resorting to alternative bodyweight workout programs. Moreover, fitness-focused apps are being downloaded at historical rates to fulfill on surging demand.

"Fitness-focused apps are being downloaded at historical rates to fulfill on surging demand."

The Carousel team is excited and proud to be working with our current client, ONNIT, on the rollout of ONNIT 6 – a full-body, transformative workout you can do in the comfort of your own home, in just six weeks! 💪

In case you forgot, ONNIT is one of the leading health and wellness brands that offers a diverse range of supplements and fitness equipment products that embody their mission of Total Human Optimization. ONNIT has seen a huge opportunity during the pandemic as people are dedicating more time to self-improvement. Their website traffic has spiked to over 1.5m visitors, a 30% + increase, over the month of March. With almost 650k followers each on Facebook and Instagram, well-established brand recognition and a team of achievers, ONNIT is ready to play big. 🚀

What is ONNIT 6, exactly?

Onnit 6 is a full-body online home workout to help you achieve your goals in just six weeks. The program offers unique workout plans tailored to your own needs, whether it is getting toned, losing weight or building muscle. ☑️

What does the program include?

Onnit 6 provides six separate detailed workouts with varying intensities and end goals for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. You will also have access to two yoga 🧘 classes per week to help with recovery and clearing your mind. Along with workouts, ONNIT 6 provides you with nutrition, mindset and coaching to achieve full-body wellness. 😌

The recipes provided are designed to maximize the results of the program. They are easy to follow and, more importantly, delicious! The meditation exercises and tips are focused on helping you relax after a stressful day of work or intense physical activity. ONNIT 6 also provides best practices on how to start your day, enables you to create sustainable habits, and educates you on nutrition and mindfulness.☀️

Who created ONNIT 6?

The head coach of ONNIT 6, John Wolf, founded Wolf Fitness Systems, a well-known unconventional gym in California. He previously worked as a US Director of Operations and was on the board for another very well-recognized unconventional fitness organization. All workouts have been built by top instructors that have trained some of the best athletes in the world. 🌎

"All workouts have been built by top instructors that have trained some of the best athletes in the world."

What is #onnit6challenge?

The ONNIT 6 Challenge encourages you to train with ONNIT's workout program for six weeks. At the end of the challenge, ONNIT will pick two winners 🎉 to receive $6000 cash, a $1000 ONNIT gift card, and access to the ONNIT 6 program for life.

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