Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn first started their journey together as Freshmen students back in their dorm at Pepperdine University in Malibu. After school, they descended upon the exciting opportunity to work as the first two employees at  ColourPop Cosmetics - who incepted Seed Beauty, the manufactures behind Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. Their experience at ColourPop paid off.

After helping build the direct-to-consumer (DTC) makeup brand, they recognized the opportunity to branch out and take their newfound expertise and understanding of DTC model into the haircare space. The mission was to build a vast line of hairpieces and products inspired by celebrity trends for Millennials and Gen Z consumers. After carefully surveilling the competitive landscape (with the help of Kevin Gould, Co-founder), they learned that traditional wig/hairpiece companies weren't tapping into the massively popular consumer trends of the younger generation. Even more compelling, many products on the market that were selling at a price point affordable to a younger, more price sensitive customer, were of poor quality.

Wynn shares: "It's so hard to find a reputable brand with quality products. We actually ordered a wig inspired by Kim K's silver hair, and it literally had black Sharpie marker for roots." (Bustle).

Fast forward to today, their logic and mission could not be more aligned with the current economic climate. Consumers, now more than ever, will be forced to seek out the most competitively-priced products that don't compromise on quality. Getting the most value for your dollar is the name of the game. INH's line of products boldly embodies that value proposition.

Brand name: INH Hair
Year founded: 2019

What's your brand's mission?

We design high-quality on-trend hair pieces and products that give you the ability to enhance or completely transform your look! Hair shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. You should be able to change it up at home by yourself whenever and however you want.

Insert Name Here Hair was founded in 2019 on the belief that you can be whoever you want to be and your hair is a form of self-expression.

Our hope is to build a beauty company that fosters a loving community with open conversation around hair.

Tell us more about INH Hair.

Why leave good hair days to chance? INH Hair gives you that just-left-the-salon confidence whenever you want it. We've got something for every budget and experience level, from high-quality synthetic wigs and ponytails to premium human Remy hair extensions and bangs. Inspired by the latest trends, we make experimenting with your look simple. After all, growing out hair takes a lot of time. Why not take a shortcut?

Why was the company started?

We recognized a gap in the beauty space surrounding hair. Very few brands were selling high-quality hairpieces and products that appealed to the gen-z/millennial audience at the right price.

What makes your product unique?

There aren't many high-quality options or education within the hair category. We are changing the conversation around haircare. It should be fun and experimental - a form of self-expression.

Tell us about your achievements.

Featured in the Ariana Grande's "In My Head" Music Video (credited by Vogue).

Tell us an interesting fact about INH Hair.

The brand was conceptualized when Kevin slid into Jordynn and Sharon’s DMS.

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