Brand Spotlight. Glamnetic.

Hello fellow Quarantiners! ✋ We hope you are staying safe and sane in this time of duress. As we are all forced to stay at home, many might feel down, lazy and isolated.

But being locked down doesn't mean you don't need to look fabulous! 💁‍♀️ Meet our new client, Glamnetic, a brand that believes that beauty should be effortless for everyone.

Committed to continuous innovation, Glamnetic developed magnetic lashes that cut the lash application process in half! Who has the time to put glue on that tiny eyelash band or wait for lashes to dry and then see them fall off at just the right moment? Glamnetic is changing the game by offering easy to use magnetic lash solution. All you need to do is apply magnetic liner and lashes just stick right on. Too good to be true, eh?

We’ve asked Glamnetic to tell us more about their brand and why so many women (and men!) love their products.

Brand name: Glamnetic

Year founded: 2019

What's your brand's vision and mission?

Vision: To give everyone access to beauty by making lash application easier for everyone.

Mission: Be the fastest growing lash brand on the market!

Tell us about Glamnetic.

Glamnetic was founded by a Los Angeles based artist and entrepreneur, Ann McFerran, whose passion for lashes and innovation helped her develop one of the fastest-growing lash brands on the market.

Glamnetic offers 22 styles of magnetic lashes, two colours of magnetic eyeliner and related accessories. Do you need more options?!

What makes your product unique?

We have developed a revolutionary magnetic liner that magnetizes to magnetic lashes. They don't attach to your real lashes, making the application safer, easier and faster!

To say more, because our lashes are magnetic and don't use glue, they can last for over 3-4 months!

Tell us about your achievements.

We developed the world’s first six magnet lash, the world’s first coloured magnetic lashes, and have hit over $1m monthly revenue on the 6th month. To date, we’ve reached over 50k orders since launch. Glamnetic lashes have been featured in Essence Magazine, Modern Retail, and Galore.

Tell us an interesting fact about your brand.

Glamnetic's founder, Ann McFerran, was the only full-time employee for the first five months since launch and was doing over 500k/month in revenue!

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