Brand Spotlight. Aura.

Amidst the world shutting down around us due to Covid-19, encouraged to stay the f*ck home; naturally, it's going to take a toll on our collective emotional state. Suddenly, we have more free time than we know what to do with, and many are baffled on how to use it. Some may perceive this as a bad thing, but it doesn't have to be. Opportunistically, this is the perfect time to invest in yourself and attempt to search for inner peace and happiness.

Aura is the #1 meditation app on the market right now, with thousands of empowering recordings developed by the world's top coaches and therapists. Aura leverages AI technology to curate the optimal mindfulness routine that aligns with your lifestyle.

You don't have to take our word for it, every day there is more and more research published, praising the benefits that meditation has on our health. Committing to a regular practice of meditation can increase creativity, self-awareness and can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Many people shy away from practicing medication because they perceive it to be challenging. Aura helps ease the burden by offering simplified, instructive and short 3-10 minute sessions to help kickstart your journey to a stress-free lifestyle.

Stay strong and healthy in this challenging time!

Brand name: Aura

Year founded: 2017

What's your brand's vision and mission?

Vision: Empower our everyday heroes by providing personalized access to the world’s best content, community, and services for emotional health.

Mission: Restore the world’s emotional health. Our emotions are beautiful gifts that allow us to make sense of the world, connect, move forward, and sense danger along the way. But today, for many people, emotions have become enemies that we’re afraid of. We want to restore our emotional health – the way they were meant to be.

Tell us more about Aura.

Aura is the world's most loved app for improving emotional health and getting restful sleep. The world's best coaches and therapists share meditations, life coaching, and stories exclusively on Aura, and Aura personalizes content just for you based on your mood and goals.

With Aura, anyone can build a self-care and mindfulness ritual that they love. And it starts at just 3 minutes!

Born in 2017, Aura has been voted "#1 New App" and "Best of Apple" by Apple.

What makes your product unique?

Aura is the "Spotify" for mindfulness and emotional health. It's the only app where you can get personalized access to a vast catalogue of meditative recordings created by the top coaches around the world. Aura learns what you love and what works for you so that every moment you take for yourself is truly special.

Tell us about your achievements.

Aura has quickly grown to millions of users in just 3 years, winning awards such as “Best of Apple.”

Come meditate with us!

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