Brand Spotlight. ALLÉL.

Is it possible to fight genetics? ALLÉL says, yes! According to research, 50-60% of ageing is dependent on our DNA makeup. With the other 50% being affected by our lifestyle and environmental factors.

Founded by two doctors, the ALLÉL team developed a genetics testing kit and a series of personalized products that are just right for your skin type.

ALLÉL is one of the most comprehensive skincare brands on the market right now. Personalized skincare can't be any better!

We asked ALLÉL to tell us more about their innovative approach to fighting the signs of ageing and their formula to youth.

Brand name: ALLÉL
Year founded: Research started in 2015 and the brand officially launched in 2017

What's your brand's vision and mission?

Vision: To pioneer and lead the future of DNA inspired skin & healthcare

Mission: Providing innovative products with maximum relevance to each customer

Why was ALLÉL started?

The founders (both doctors) noticed that there are people who are 60 years old and look like 40 years old and vice versa. After researching the subject, they found that 60% of our ageing process is due to our DNA complex, so they've created ALLÉL to fight ageing on the DNA level.

Tell us more about ALLÉL.

ALLÉL provides a journey within to find the key drivers to your ageing by providing our developed DNA test and scientific products to match your unique DNA.

What makes your product unique?

ALLÉL is the only brand in the word that makes DNA tests and analysis for skin types, strengths and weaknesses and has complementary products to match the results and analysis.

Tell us about your achievements.

ALLÉL has been featured in many magazines worldwide like Vogue, ELLE, BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and more. It won the "AWA Award" and the "Image Beauty Award" for two years in a raw (both of them in 2018 and 2019).

ALLÉL products were also given to the Oscar mommies in their gift bags. 😊

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