Brand Spotlight. Hoom Sleep.

Introducing HoomBand - an innovative headband that helps you fall asleep with hypnotic stories created by sleep experts!

Brand name: Hoom Sleep
Year founded: 2018

What's your brand's mission?

Our goal is to provide millions of people suffering from sleep problems with a simple, natural, inexpensive and effective solution to this age-old problem.

Nearly a third of the population in the United-Kingdom suffer from sleeping disorders. This amounts to more than 20 million British people. The most common solution?

Taking sleeping tablets which are not effective in the long run and are especially harmful to your health (the mortality rate is multiplied by 4 when taken more than 18 times a year). Not only is Hoom effective, but it also has no side-effects. Our goal is to manage to change this situation and encourage doctors to replace sleeping tablets with HoomBand.

What is Hoom Sleep?

Developed by the founders of Dodow, Hoom Sleep is a revolutionary new product that allows people to fall asleep (and stay asleep) faster than ever before.

What makes your product unique?

HoomBand is the first audio headband that whispers stories to help you fall asleep more quickly. Its fabric combines comfort, flexibility, and mobility. It is ultra-thin and has adjustable earphones, concealed under a thermoformed foam. The headband does not slip or tighten and allows you to fall asleep quickly, without effort or concentration.

Tell us about your achievements.

The people behind Hoom Sleep have helped more than 100,000 insomniacs fall asleep, and have been featured in CNN, The Guardian, PopSugar, Daily Beast and more!

  • 500,000 users in 2018 :)
  • +10 M€ revenues in 2018
  • +300% growth/year
  • +76% satisfied users (more than 4 stars ratings)
  • Users report falling asleep 2.5 times more quickly than usual

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