We are excited to announce the launch of our Affiliate Knowledge Base!

Earlier this year we launched the first version of the Jumbleberry Platform, designed to provide tools and technologies to help our affiliates and media buyers do what they do best - build profitable and scalable campaigns.

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Since then, we've continually rolled out new features and resources to further alleviate the struggles of running paid media campaigns at scale.
As we huddled together to launch the product, we cut a few corners on the documentation side, and now we'd like to make that right. A platform is just a piece of the online marketing journey, and it could never be considered a success without high-quality documentation.

Thus, we've spent the last few months building out a comprehensive knowledge base, complete with detailed guides, step-by-step instructions, and accompanying videos that should shed light on how everything works and put the reigns back into your hands. Of course, you're still free to talk to your AFM whenever you'd like, but if you'd rather not, that's cool too. 😉

The knowledge base will help teach you how to navigate the Jumbleberry Platform, show you tips & tricks, and pull back the curtain a little bit to give you the context into how everything links together. Don't be just another user, become a power user. The difference is small but subtle - one makes more money.

Give it a read and learn how to:

  • Navigate and find your bearings
  • Identify and run the best campaign opportunities
  • Use Redirect & Redirectless links for tracking
  • Setup 3rd Party Pixels with step-by-step guides for most pixel types (and more coming soon!)
  • Access campaign creatives and suppression files
  • View your reports and unlock key insights
  • Add your Payment Information & Profit!
  • And everything else in between 🙂

From here we'll do our part to keep the documentation up to date as we continue to improve upon what we believe to be the best Performance Marketing Platform on the market today! And of course, if you think anything is missing, let us know. You know better than us what you need to scale, don't be shy.

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