Welcome to the club, Keeps

When it comes to hair loss remedies, we've pretty much seen it all. Unfortunately, most brands are backed by empty promises and pseudoscience. 🙄 That's why we were psyched to learn more about the effective hair loss treatments from Keeps. These innovative treatments actually work, and the ingredients are backed by science. 😍

A whopping two out of three men start noticing hair loss by age 35, and even the founders of Keeps couldn't escape this statistic. After putting their heads together (pun intended), they discovered hair loss affects every guy differently. That's why Keeps offers several options for customers, including treatments for receding hairlines, thinning crowns and overall hair thinning. 🙌

It can be hard to determine which type of hair loss someone may be battling; Which is why Keeps has several physicians on staff to help customers figure out their needs. This helps ensure each treatment they order tackles the specific cause of their hair loss.

Thwart unwanted hair loss with Keeps, an FDA-approved product for men. We've got more details below so clients can discover if Keeps is right for them. 👀

Brand name: Keeps

Year founded: 2018

What's your brand's vision and mission?

We make it easy, safe and convenient for guys to treat their hair loss through a holistic experience that includes:

  • A relationship with an expert physician 🩺
  • FDA-approved hair loss treatments delivered directly to the customer's door 📦
  • Science-rooted customer education 🧬

We're on a dedicated mission to expand access to specialized care and create better patient outcomes.

Tell us about your products.

Keeps makes keeping your hair as easy and affordable as possible. We offer clinically proven treatments that combat the symptoms of hair loss, helping men keep the hair they have. We offer home delivery for these innovative products rather than a trip to the salon, so men never run out of these essential hair care products.

Why was the company started?

As fate would have it, our co-founders, who were two best friends, started losing their hair at the same time. Inspired by their shared experience, the duo launched Keeps so they could help other men keep their hair. 💁‍♂️

What makes your product unique?

We are the absolute best place for men with hair loss, hands down. 👏 We are laser-focused on hair loss, so it's our passion as well as our specialty. Because of this, we only offer FDA-approved products that are clinically proven to fight hair loss. You won't find any snake oil here!

Any achievements you want to share?

We've shipped our incredible hair treatments to more than 100,000 customers. 🤩

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