Jumbleberry Introduces a New Performance Marketing Platform!

We are very excited to introduce our newly designed performance marketing platform now available to all Jumbleberry affiliates and media buyers! The platform is redesigned from the ground up using Vue.JS to showcase the core performance-marketing features and technologies Jumbleberry has built in the background over the last few years.

The ethos of Jumbleberry’s Platform is convenience and simplicity. We wanted to build a platform designed by performance marketers for performance marketers. Our objective was to develop technology and tools that allow you to do what you do best, build profitable and scalable ad campaigns and make it simple to do so.

Log in to see the new hotness!

You can now gain access to the new platform by logging into partners.jumbleberry.com using your credentials.

Our team is working around the clock to build out new features and capabilities consistently, and this launch is just the beginning of something special.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and months for some exciting updates and feature roll-outs.

As of today, check out what you now have access to:

Core Features

We have configured a way to support multi-event tracking without the use of any redirect links and cookies!

All funnels have been published with each one indicating support for Redirect or Redirectless URLs and the type of events captured along the funnel. With multi-event tracking support, you can now track multiple events to gain valuable insight around customer behaviour in our funnels to inform your optimization practices. This will help you gather user data on Facebook, Google, Snap, Pinterest, etc. to bolster your retargeting and ad-buying efforts.

Furthermore, with multi-event tracking support, you can now place-specific event, multi-event, and global pixels on the platform. What does this mean? This means you can track additional events along the funnel by simply placing one Facebook pixel to capture unique funnel events such as ViewContent, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, etc. You only need to set one conversion pixel to fire across all of your campaigns! Pretty sweet, huh!?

Let’s keep going...


To help provide more transparency and simplify the creative development workflow, all creative content developed for our campaigns have been shifted over to Box. This provides a simplified folder system where you can now quickly grab the most compelling marketing content or paid media assets for any campaigns you want to run. Our campaigns come loaded with content to make it easier for you to get to market quicker and start scaling campaigns.

Full access to all of our campaign’s creative assets will only be accessible to the campaigns you have been approved on; however, every campaign on the platform will provide a small sample of the creatives we have available.

Designed from the ground-up for Mobile

By building a platform utilizing modern web framework, Vue.js, the Jumbleberry platform is now completely mobile compatible.

You can now view newly launched campaigns, view and access all funnels available on the campaign, place pixels, and grab creatives – all on the go. The platform utilizes a modern codebase which provides a seamless experience on mobile devices (including tablets) with extremely fast load-times and intuitive user experience.

Reporting and Discovery

Our Reporting and Discovery features have advanced along with our core services. You can now view your reports seamlessly on the go and instantly access your click data through our purpose-built reporting engine. A bunch of modifications have been applied to our recommendation engine in the Discovery tab so that the most relevant and high-performing campaigns that align with your traffic source or historical campaign performance are brought to your attention, without the guesswork.

What’s Next?

The launch of this platform marks our biggest step in opening the doors behind the veiled curtains of our proprietary technology. The launch of this new platform lays the foundation the Jumbleberry technology team will use to build new products and features to help you empower the success of your ad campaigns.

While this is the initial launch of the full platform, Jumbleberry’s technology team has a roadmap of features and products it will be working on to expand the platform’s capabilities. Some of the upcoming features include:

1.      Intuitive Platform Notifications

2.      Deep Customer journey Performance Reporting

3.      And so much more that we can’t disclose… yet!

We are excited about what is coming in the future and look forward to hearing your feedback.

At the end of the day, we are building this for our affiliates and media buyers and your feedback is the MOST important, so please don’t be shy. 😊

Thank you for the outpouring of support thus far, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Log in to see the new performance marketing platform: partners.jumbleberry.com.

Questions? Contact info@jumbleberry.com.

- JB Technology Team