Jumbleberry Establishes Two Exclusive Programs: Say Hello to Carousel and Pipeline

Having served the affiliate marketing community for over ten years, and through all the ups and downs and changes to the industry, Jumbleberry remains a pillar of trust, resilience and innovation. The growth and maturation of affiliate marketing has been a wild ride, and we intend to keep going. More than that, we will play a leading role in blazing new trails to the future. The increasing size and diversity of the affiliate marketing ecosystem has created demand for unique service offerings and capabilities. The term “Affiliate Network” no longer does justice to the scope and depth of knowledge and service required to succeed. Jumbleberry is a comprehensive Performance Marketing Engine supported by and composed of three key elements:

People, Process and Technology.

In support of this vision, Jumbleberry is proud to announce the establishment of two new programs: Carousel and Pipeline, the first service offerings built from the ground-up with our holistic People, Process and Technology approach.

Carousel was born from a desire to capitalize on a massively global opportunity: the rise of the direct to consumer brand. A new ecosystem has evolved, and Carousel intends to be a catalyst for new ideas and a new approach to performance marketing. If you’re an affiliate or a media buyer tired of volatility, risk and uncertainty, then Carousel has the most exclusive brands designed to maximize long term customer value so you can run evergreen ad campaigns and sleep well at night. If you are an advertiser that has made significant investments in your brand, from concept through production and marketing, and if you want to scale BIG, then Carousel has the formula for success. Carousel is tailored to uncompromising brands and affiliates/media buyers who want it all.

The Carousel team provides an agency experience without the fluff. Our results-driven approach means you never waste your time or money on ad spend that doesn’t perform. For advertisers, our proven approach delivers fixed-cost customer acquisition at scale. For Affiliates, you have access to exclusive brands and campaigns with everything needed for success: full-funnel analytics, content assets, ads, pre-landers, audience data, just to name a few.


Ride the wave - that’s what Pipeline is all about. Want the highest performing campaigns in nutra, health & beauty, e-comm? Are you an affiliate interested in capitalizing on trends by running large volumes of traffic with the highest possible EPCs, clockwork-like weekly payouts and the support of the best people in the industry? Or are you an advertiser looking to have a cap filled with quality, high volume traffic for your newest hot offer? Work with our account executive team to constantly innovate and launch new campaigns that affiliates will love.

The Pipeline team knows how to maximize volume and profits for Affiliates and Advertisers. Pipeline is about taking all our experience and expertise and rolling it into a service offering that is focused on delivering results in a fast-changing marketplace. We are pioneers in the space, and we will continue to thrive and grow as the market changes. The Pipeline team knows how to navigate the choppiest waters and win in any situation.

These new programs incorporate everything that Jumbleberry has built over the past ten years in our People, Process and Technology. As the market grows and evolves, so must we. Carousel and Pipeline provide a foundation for the continued growth of the Jumbleberry business by catering to the specific needs of unique customer segments.

The official launch of the two new programs is March 31st! More information and details to come, stay tuned.

To find out more information about Carousel, email us at carousel@jumbleberry.com. If you want to hear more about Pipeline, reach out to pipeline@jumbleberry.com.