E-Commerce Marketing Partners to Help You Succeed During the Busiest Season of the Year!

With over ten years of experience growing some of the top brands in the D2C industry, we’ve accumulated a breadth of knowledge to help consult our clients on all aspects of their businesses. As the holiday season ramps up, and your resources become a bit more strained, think of this as our little present to you. Whether it be a customer service vendor, or a technical developer, or even a product manufacturer – we’ve built out some solid relationships over the years to provide you with vetted recommendations. Here are a few of our top recommended partners to help you boost both performance and profitability this season.

Improve Performance

Are you struggling with creating converting websites and landing pages? Hyper6 has a secret to success.

If you currently run a D2C brand, chances are... you have an e-commerce website! Your e-commerce page is designed to let customers “choose their adventure,” where they can learn, browse products, and then maybe... purchase. On the other hand, performance marketing emphasizes targeted campaigns with direct-response landing pages. These pages guide customers down a frictionless path to purchase a single product SKU.

We always suggest that our brands split A/B test a few different types of campaigns and landing pages to determine what works best for them. If you need help creating these optimized pages, we recommend Hyper6. Hyper6 has a strong reputation being one of the best web design agencies in the performance marketing industry, and the results are in... these pages convert. They are a highly skilled team of marketers, designers, developers, and brand experts who know exactly what it takes to make your website grab your visitor’s attention, ensuring your online business is in the top 10% that succeeds.

CodeClouds - your trusted development team.

One of the most important determinants of performance is experimentation. As mentioned above, you need to be continuously split testing product pages, changing pricing strategies, creatives, or even optimizing call-to-action buttons. In theory, these changes to your sales funnel should be easy, but even minor tasks can take a significant amount of time and technical expertise. We don’t expect our brands to have all-hands-on-deck, which is why when tech resources are scarce, we recommend our friends at CodeClouds. CodeClouds has a team of 250+ experts to provide prompt development services for various platforms and technologies. Their experts are ready with 18/5 support, following a swift communication over Skype, email and phone. They are our #1 choice for direct-response campaigns – which is why we’ve been working with them on our own projects for over eight years. If you need expert development services (even just for an hour) – reach out to CodeClouds.

Increase Profitability

Are you keeping in touch with your customers? Klaviyo - unlock the full power of email marketing.

At Jumbleberry, we only charge on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. This means we only charge our brands a fixed rate for every actual customer we drive for them. What’s not always clear to our partners is that JB also generates thousands of leads from the pool of customers that don’t convert. The emails generated via the campaign lifecycle (i.e. abandon carts) are free for our brands to retarget and remonetize with e-commerce marketing partners such as Klaviyo. You can easily integrate Klaviyo with your Shopify store to recapture those lost sales with their pre-built email flows, including abandoned cart and win-back email campaigns. We highly recommend this platform for our Shopify users, and so we’ve provided a free trial for you. Follow the link to try Klaviyo for free.

Don’t know where to get the $$ for your digital campaigns? Clearbanc might be your solution.

In the e-commerce industry, the cost of acquiring a customer has been increasing exponentially. The reality is, you're going to have to spend money to make money. But how do you finance the ad spend that will help you scale? Here’s where we recommend Clearbanc – a new and revolutionary approach to providing capital. Clearbanc is the most affordable way for founders to fund their business without giving up equity or risking personal assets. You just fill out a 25-question survey, and using their AI technology, Clearbanc can fund your marketing budget within 24 hours. If you’re looking for a little extra cash to manage your ad spend, reach out to us at info@jumbleberry.com to learn more about Clearbanc.

We hope this list of e-commerce solutions will be handy for you this busy season. If you’re looking for more help in specific areas of your business – as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@jumbleberry.com.

We’ve got a lot of tips and tricks up our sleeve for your e-commerce brand. ;)