Brand Spotlight. MuscleCare.

Introducing MuscleCare!

We are excited to partner with MuscleCare, all natural muscle and joint pain relief, on a new campaign to help them grow their brand.

Brand name: MuscleCare and Professional Therapy MuscleCare®

Year founded: 2009

What are MuscleCare's brand mission and vision?

Mission: Optimize life by all-natural, scientifically-proven, magnesium-driven pain, inflammation and spasm relief. Movement and functionality become easy!

Vision: Doctors/entrepreneurs bring innovation through clinical experience and expertise to the pain/inflammation category that has never been seen before.

MuscleCare Pain Relief
What is MuscleCare?

MuscleCare was developed by Dr. Chris Oswald, one of North America's top chiropractic physicians. In the past 30 years, he's treated athletes, celebrities and over 20,000 patients.

Dr. Chris Oswald

All topicals to date don’t absorb. They clog the pores and are known as counterirritants. They make the user feel hot or cold but don’t change physiology or pain pathways.
MuscleCare is true Bioinnovation. Our doctors and chemists integrated their practical experience with the science of pain. They created a driving mechanism that pushes magnesium and nine other strategic ingredients into the skin and muscles to catalyze a significant muscle relaxation effect that is profound and immediate. Fresh nutrient laden circulation, that has been unable to feed the tissue and unable to clear out the inflammation naturally, can quickly do its normal job again. Substance P and prostaglandins that cause pain are pushed out, and healing starts immediately.

What makes your product unique?
  • Absorption.
  • Doctor developed.
  • Has all the health regulatory licenses in Canada, USA and Australia.
  • Is scientifically-proven to outperform leading national and professional brands by significant margins including NSAID drug-containing creams.
  • Our published studies out of the University of Toronto and Mother Risk prove MuscleCare is safe to use in pregnancy!
MuscleCare Pain Relief
Tell us about your achievements.
  • We have over one million satisfied customers.
  • Have never had a return.
  • Won best new product at ECRM Vegas 2010.
  • 9 years on the market without side effects.
  • Featured in magazines like Self and Best Health to scientific journals.
Tell us an interesting fact about MuscleCare.

It has a wow factor! We can talk all day, but we can show anyone in any situation pain, inflammation and spasm relief in less than 30 seconds!

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