Get the ultimate at-home skincare experience with SolaWave

Sometimes our skin needs a little extra TLC to look radiant and clear. Unfortunately, many skincare products are targeted toward specific skin types. SolaWave is different, and we're honoured to feature this company for today's brand spotlight.

SolaWave makes beauty accessible for everyone, regardless of your skin's texture or tone. The company offers an innovative 4-in-1 beauty tool that transforms skin in just two weeks — using it for just five minutes a day.

A soothing massage helps reduce puffiness, while resilience-enhancing microcurrents tighten and tone your face and neck. Combine these benefits with rejuvenating red-light therapy and brightness-boosting therapeutic warmth, and you've got one heck of a beauty staple.

After learning about this multifunctional beauty tool, we wanted to connect with the company that created it. SolaWave took some time to talk business with us, and we're excited to give you the rundown on this LGBTQ+-, black-, and female-owned company. Keep scrolling to discover why so many celebs and influencers can't stop raving about the benefits of SolaWave.

Brand name: SolaWave

Year founded: 2020

What's your brands vision and mission?

Vision: We want to invite and empower everyone to take charge of their skin.

Mission: We strive to create the best cutting-edge skincare tools and products, made for everyone and accessible to all.

Tell us about your products

Backed by decades of research and made for all skin tones, SolaWave's signature Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy Skincare Wand blends four never-before-combined modern dermatologic technologies (microcurrent, red light, therapeutic warming, and facial massage) into one sleek, easy-to-use, multifunctional tool.

The SolaWave Conductive Serum is top-of-the-line in clean beauty topical serums  — simultaneously amplifying the effects of the SolaWave wand’s revolutionary technology while dramatically improving the skin's appearance with its unique formulation of hyaluronic acid and all-natural aloe vera.

Why was your company started?

Launched by a team of veteran dermatologists, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, SolaWave was created to revolutionize at-home self-care by bringing cutting-edge beauty technology and skincare products direct to consumers at an affordable price.

What makes your products unique?

LGBTQ+-, Black-, and female-owned, SolaWave is uniquely positioned to serve the ever-expanding market of beauty consumers, ensuring that everyone, in every tone, can feel beautiful in their own skin with beautifully designed, comprehensive, and accessible skincare.

Any achievements you want to share?

No formal accolades or awards yet; however, SolaWave is tagged to be the fastest growing beauty tech start-up of 2021 by many industry experts given explosive month-over-month growth.

What's a fun fact about your brand?

SolaWave was born and created in Venice, California. A celebrity-favourite, our company is a proud local partner of LA-based non-profits focusing on homelessness eradication initiatives.

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