Shed shame, not hair thanks to Collective Laboratories

Many controversial topics are no longer taboo in today's society, yet we're still somewhat quiet about hair loss. It doesn't have to be like that, which is why Collective Laboratories is getting the discussion rolling.

This innovative company wants to remove the stigma associated with hair loss, and so far, they're off to an incredible start. Founded in 2019, Collective Laboratories helps individuals worldwide combat hair loss with natural botanicals and alluring scents. These carefully crafted products are luxurious yet affordable, and they don't contain harmful ingredients like parabens or sulfates.

Gone are the days when you have to choose between thick tresses and your personal safety. Collective Laboratories supports strands and revitalizes your scalp with gentle, effective ingredients that have been around for hundreds of years.

Don't be embarrassed about your hair loss. Regain your confidence with Collective Laboratories' premium products, whether you're navigating the corporate scene full-time or working around-the-clock to keep your household running smoothly. We've got the scoop on the brand's mission and vision below, plus insider info about why the company was started in the first place.

Brand name: Collective Laboratories

Year founded: 2019

What's your brand's vision and mission?

Vision: We’re hair nerds on a mission to reinvent the haircare industry—one saved strand at a time.

Our journey leads us to the far reaches of the planet in search of time-honored hair loss solutions. We’ll try anything: scalp massages in South Korea, herbal hair masks made by grandmothers in India, or rare botanicals from the Amazon rainforest. Led by the wisdom of these traditions, we discover effective natural ingredients that improve hair quality, prevent strand loss, and promote growth. Then we take those ingredients back to the lab—uniting ancient remedies and proven science to create products and rituals that support your scalp like the living organ it is.

Hair that you’re proud of deserves products that you’re proud to use. If you don’t love how it smells and looks, you won’t love using it. That’s why we devoted ourselves to creating decadent scents, luxurious packaging and safe formulations worthy of you. Nothing—not even bouncy, shampoo-commercial hair—is worth compromising your health. We use only safe ingredients that effectively stimulate hair growth. No sulfates, no parabens, no shady business.

Mission: We believe you should shed shame, not hair. As a society, we’re sharing more than ever before. We talk about our struggles with weight loss, fertility, and even erectile dysfunction. So why are we afraid to talk about a universal health problem like hair loss, which will affect most men and women in their lifetimes?

We have no time for shame, and we need to start talking. No judgement, no emotional baggage, no compromising safety in pursuit of perfect hair.

We’re on a relentless journey of exploration and innovation to bring you the best head of hair that you can grow. Our ingredients are created by nature, activated by science, and collectively formulated in our labs.

We’re here to correct the myths of an uninspired industry and say to hell with taboos. Gone are the days of smelly mystery goop, empty claims, and hair solutions that only focus on what’s happening on the surface. We see the full you and invite you to collaborate with us on every step of our mission—from the field to the lab to your shower.

Tell us about your products

Collective Laboratories is a direct-to-consumer, subscription-based company. We currently only sell on our website, That said, we plan to eventually expand our online presence to Amazon and online retailers such as Credo, Dermstore and Detox Market. Products are also available without a subscription via Google Shopping.

Consistency is key when it comes to supporting the health of your scalp and strands, and it’s the little steps you take every day that really make a difference. That’s why we currently offer our Activating Serum in a subscription—so it’s easier to continue supporting your hair every day.

In addition, we have a detoxifying shampoo and a fortifying conditioner. We plan to launch an apple cider vinegar rinse and texturizing spray in 2021.

We offer a scalp massager, hair towel, and satin pillowcase as add-ons for our customers.

Why was your company started?

Collective Labs got its start because every member of our founding team struggled with thinning hair. For some, it was handed down from dad. For others, it started after giving birth or having a stressful year. For all of us, it was a turning point and the start of a very personal mission to preserve and re-grow our strands.

For decades, the hair industry has forced us to choose between bad and worse to save our hair: underwhelming results vs. scary side effects. We’re done with compromises. That’s why we travel to the ends of the earth to find rare and precious botanicals that have been used for centuries to stimulate growth, preserve thickness, and give you your fullest head of hair.

What makes your products unique?

Our solution is regimen-based products that look premium, smell amazing and feel exclusive due to the scarcity of ingredients and batch-level production.

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