Taking charge of your health with Thryve

The brain gets lots of hype, but did you know your gut is actually the real MVP? Your gut houses a microbiome with living organisms that play a vital role in your health. We often think of our gut as part of the digestive system, but it does way more than break down food. Your gut also impacts mental health and your immune system.

Thryve understands the important role gut health plays in your overall well being, which is why the company was launched in 2016. A team of Ivy League experts creates personalized nutrition plans and customized probiotics for your body's unique needs. This helps boost good bacteria levels, knocks out bad bacteria and helps you live your best life.

Don't just survive — Thryve. We've got the deets about Thryve below, from the products the company offers to the impressive sales growth the company has experienced this year. Spoiler alert: Sales have increased more than 200% since 2019.

Take charge of your health and find out if Thryve is right for you. We've got a gut feeling that you'll love this company. See what we did there?

Let's do this!

Brand name: Thryve

Year founded: 2016

What's your brand's vision and mission?

Vision: Thryve revolutionizes how technology and science empower individuals to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Mission: Thryve strives to improve the quality of life for people dealing with chronic illnesses. We created the world’s first gut health program with microbiome testing, plus personalized food and probiotic recommendations. At the end of 2020, Thryve will release a new innovation: the world’s first vaginal microbiome testing and probiotics program.

Tell us about your products.

Overview of product/service: Thryve provides gut microbiome testing, personalized nutrition and customized probiotics designed by experts from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Purdue and UC Davis. We use gut microbiome analysis and microbiome sequencing technology to determine the right probiotic strains. Thryve also offers prebiotic foods that boost good bacteria and weed out the bad.

We help customers take charge of their gut health so they can feel their best. Our goal is to improve customers’ quality of life by empowering them with their gut microbiome data, probiotics, and science-based nutrition and diet recommendations.

Why was the company started?

Four years ago, the CEO and Founder of Thryve took antibiotics and came down with a superbug called C Diff that kills half a million Americans a year. Our CEO, Richard, visited multiple doctors for his symptoms but was dismissed as being too young and healthy looking to be sick.This spurred Richard to research the microbiome, including bacteria, yeast, and viruses. Science reveals the microbiome impacts our digestion, immunity, mental health, metabolism, and more. Richard realized there was no product in the market that could help consumers understand their microbiome and personalize a recommendation to improve their health, so he created Thryve.

What makes your products unique?

Our personalized products utilize the latest next-generation sequencing technology in order to create the right probiotic strains for each individual.

We explore 3 different variables in our personalization process:

  1. Overgrowth of bad bacteria: We introduce probiotic strains that may be able to create bacteriocins, which are naturally occurring antibiotics that can decrease bad bacteria.
  2. Deficiencies of good bacteria: We provide probiotics that may increase healthy bacteria levels.
  3. Health survey and goals: We hand pick strains to help you reach optimum health.

Since we have a DNA test, we give you a personalized report within our app. We offer a personalized health report that offers insight about food intolerances, sleep hormones, cardiovascular health, autoimmunity, inflammation, leaky gut, metabolism and more. We then pinpoint problem areas and give you personalized food recommendations and probiotics shipped straight to your home. This helps balance out the levels of bacteria in the gut to improve your health.

Any achievements you want to share?

As of now, Thryve’s top-line revenue has grown 210% compared to last year, and we predict a 300% growth by the end of 2020. With a 160% growth in users compared to 2019, Thryve continues to expand and flourish. We expect this trend to continue as we offer various forms of microbiome testing, including vaginal testing.We were recently featured in Forbes, Thrive Global and Observer. Thryve also received the CB Insights Top 150 Startups, Healthcare Top Startups Summit Award.

Share a fun fact about the company!

There are 30 to 50 trillion microorganisms in our gut, while the human body is made up of 37 trillion human cells. Thryve can help you balance these microorganisms.

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