Persona makes supplements easy

Choosing the right supplements can get confusing, especially if you have multiple health concerns. That's why we're intrigued by Persona Nutrition's customized vitamin packs.

Every customer’s program starts with a 5-minute assessment: You answer a few questions about your diet, your lifestyle, your health goals, and Persona tailors a daily supplement pack to your unique needs. Sign up for a monthly subscription, and they’ll deliver them right to your door.

Persona’s daily packs are perfect for busy people: Just tear one off in the morning and take it with breakfast or drop it in your bag for later—no bulky bottles, no counting pills.

And it’s all based in science: Every plan is approved by doctors and nutritionists, and checked to make sure it won’t interact with your medications. It’s just that easy.

But wait...we know what you’re thinking: What about all that packaging? Well, we're happy to report that Persona makes their boxes from recycled fibers, and those daily pouches are even compostable! A win for you, a win for the planet.

Don't spend another dollar on one-size-fits all vitamins. Take charge of your health with Persona Nutrition. We've got the scoop on these personalized supplements below, so keep scrolling!

Brand name: Persona Nutrition

Year founded: 2017

What's your brand's vision and mission?

Vision: : People are at the heart of everything we do. It's our goal is to put wellness in reach for anyone looking to improve their nutrition.

Mission: Every individual is unique. Their supplements should be too. We deliver customized, science-backed nourishment to every customer’s door so they can lead healthier, happier lives—without the hassle of counting pills.

Tell us about your products

Every Persona supplement is sourced in nature, tested for purity and expertly blended into convenient daily packs. Our curated formulas are designed by nutritionists and approved by doctors who study the latest peer-reviewed research, so you know you’re getting the right nutrients in the right combination—every day.

What makes your product unique?

Customization: Just-for-you supplement plans tailored to your unique needs.

Easy home delivery: Daily packs delivered monthly to your door.

Sustainable packaging: Recycled, compostable, planet-friendly shipping materials.

Expert nutrition advice: Unlimited free consultations with our qualified nutritionists.

Any achievements you want to share?

Persona has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Health, Shape, Forbes, and ABC News.

Our brand is trusted by doctors and—more importantly—our customers. We have more than 3,384 five-star reviews!

What's a fun fact about your brand?

Persona is about more than supplements. With a monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to our qualified nutritionists. They’ll work with you one–on–one to perfect your plan and help you stay on track—every step of the way.

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