Brand Spotlight. Blissy.

Excited to introduce Blissy!

Blissy is "the best kept secret of super models, hair stylists, beauty experts and dermatologists around the world." We have asked them a few questions about their brand to find out why so many people are in love with their silk pillowcases.

Brand name: Blissy

Year founded: 2017

What is Blissy’s brand vision?
We wanted to dream again.

Why was the company started?
To help woman look and feel there best both during the day and while at night.

Blissy pillow case

Tell us more about your product.
Blissy Silk Pillowcases are handmade and crafted from high quality 22-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk.  A completely natural and hypoallergenic silk pillowcase designed by our team of experts that does wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep.

Blissy Pillowcases beauty benefits:

  • regulates your body tempreture
  • a wrinkle warrior
  • strand-saver for your hair
  • balances your skin's moisture levels
  • naturally hypoallergenic
  • no chemical exposure
  • feel like a princess

What makes Blissy unique?
The proprietary silk brand is unlike any competitor and contributes to better hair and skin all while keeping you cool while you sleep.

Tell us about your achievements.
Blissy has 805 website 5-star reviews and 1700 Amazon 5-star reviews.
And Kourtney Kardashian loves the silk pillows!

Pillow cases colors

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